Remembering our Friend

Our dear friend and colleague, Catherine Saltwick, passed away on 30 May 2008 in Botswana, Africa where she was posted as a Peace Corps Volunteer. We, her fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, have created this blog to honor her and to allow all of her many friends, PCVs and her family to share their stories and their grief. To say we are shocked and saddened by the accident that took her from us is an understatement. To say she is missed and will never be forgotten is a truth.

Cathy was a seeker of truth, a seeker of adventure and a seeker of love and she found it all in Botswana. She served in the small village of Mookane and enjoyed her Peace Corps experience so much, she had just signed up for an extended third year of service, where she was to be posted at PSI in Gaborone. She spoke fluent Setswana, a feat few of her fellow PCVs accomplished. She said that the Peace Corps changed her for the better, but we all thought she was wonderful the first day we met her. Her motto was: “It’s all good,” and she said it often.

Cathy is respected by so many and we will miss her terribly. Her spirit lives on in each of us because she touched our lives with her inner and outer beauty, with her love of life, with her calm assurance of confidence and contentment and with her life of service and caring about others.

We are proud to call her a friend and we love her.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Friend Cathy

Cathy and I have remained in constant communication since
introduced. It was apparent early on she was more than just another
pretty face. Cathy had a substantial intelligence behind her smile.
What solidified our relationship was the active engagement of that
intelligence. Over the years we have leaned on each other through
difficult times and shared our collective knowledge and life

This pseudo sibling relationship fostered into many positive
attributes. I encouraged her to write her memoirs while in Africa for
eventual publication. When bored to tears, she depended on a quick
pick-me-up, which often degraded to dumb blonde jokes. Never taking
offense, she countered with a barrage of bald old man jokes. We
laughed until we cried. During a get together last year, our group
sat for seven consecutive hours, without a break, just to play catch
up. A memorial evening indeed.

In one of her last emails, she detailed a plan to extend for another
year in Africa. She acknowledged meeting someone she was interested
in, and was very happy with the work she had accomplished. Wonderful
news indeed. Something to do, Someone to love, and something to look
forward to; the recipe for a prosperous life was finally hers.

I do take some comfort in knowing she was truly happy during this
untimely passing. Cathy above all was a genuine, brutally honest, and
fiercely independent young lady. She will be dearly missed. Our
deepest condolences are offered to the Saltwick family.


Rick McDonald

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