Remembering our Friend

Our dear friend and colleague, Catherine Saltwick, passed away on 30 May 2008 in Botswana, Africa where she was posted as a Peace Corps Volunteer. We, her fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, have created this blog to honor her and to allow all of her many friends, PCVs and her family to share their stories and their grief. To say we are shocked and saddened by the accident that took her from us is an understatement. To say she is missed and will never be forgotten is a truth.

Cathy was a seeker of truth, a seeker of adventure and a seeker of love and she found it all in Botswana. She served in the small village of Mookane and enjoyed her Peace Corps experience so much, she had just signed up for an extended third year of service, where she was to be posted at PSI in Gaborone. She spoke fluent Setswana, a feat few of her fellow PCVs accomplished. She said that the Peace Corps changed her for the better, but we all thought she was wonderful the first day we met her. Her motto was: “It’s all good,” and she said it often.

Cathy is respected by so many and we will miss her terribly. Her spirit lives on in each of us because she touched our lives with her inner and outer beauty, with her love of life, with her calm assurance of confidence and contentment and with her life of service and caring about others.

We are proud to call her a friend and we love her.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Remembering Cathy: a great friend and a great teacher

I met Cathy in the Peace Corps. We were in the same volunteer group, Bots-5. At first, Cathy was quite and reserved like me. We bonded a bit during our training, because we were both from Seattle. During the two years in Botswana I got to know Cathy well. We had many lengthy discussions about life, dreams, religion, faith and love. We were both at a cross road in our lives trying to figure out paths that we shall choose to realize our lives' dreams. Cathy had many dreams. She wanted to travel and see the world, she wanted to learn other languages, she wanted to help people in need and she wanted to fall in love.
Cathy was a good listener and she was very understanding. She knew how to lift my spirits and she was very generous. We went to Mozambique together during our holiday. I always wanted to swim in the ocean, but was very scared to do so. Cathy took me by my hand into the beautiful Indian Ocean and held my hand until I was no longer afraid to be in the ocean on my own. I had my first sun burn during the same holiday and didn't know what to do. Cathy gave me tips what to do take care of my sun burns. She used to sneak behind me and give me very warm hugs. I always loved her spontaneity and loving friendship. Cathy always tried to see the best in people. She was so polite and showed people that she cared.
I remember her being blissfully happy during our final good bye in Botswana. She found the love of her life and a great position with an International NGO. Her future looked so bright and her heart was filled with joy. I will never forget Cathy and all her love, friendship and teachings will be part of me forever.
Chami Arachchi
Peace Corps Volunteer-Botswana

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